Leylandii hedges are a species belonging to the Cypress family. It prefers a place in the sun, half-shadow or shade and can withstand severe winters! However, some maintenance is required to ensure optimal growth of this hedge plant.

In order to keep your Leylandii hedges in good shape, it is important to:

Prune the hedge regularly. This will ensure that the plant does not become too large and unmanageable.

Water the hedge regularly. This is especially important during periods of hot weather.

Fertilize the hedge regularly. This will help the plant to stay healthy and vigorous.

Mulch the hedge regularly. This will help to suppress weeds and keep the roots cool and moist.

If you follow these simple tips, you will have a beautiful, healthy Leylandii hedges that will add value to your property! A leylandii as hedge plant has many advantages for you and your garden. This plant grows quickly and therefore creates a dense hedge in no time, which gives you more privacy. This plant is also resistant to disease and can grow in different climates and landscapes.

Leylandii is an evergreen, so you do not have to worry about the leaves falling off in autumn. This makes it a very low-maintenance hedge.Although this plant has many advantages, there are also some disadvantages. Leylandii can grow very quickly and become too large for your garden. If you do not prune the hedge regularly, it can become a nuisance to your neighbours. This plant is also known to be quite demanding when it comes to watering and fertilizing. If you do not provide enough water or fertilizer, the plant will become sick and might even die.