Send your attraction into orbit with Banner Advertising...

Wizziwiz is set to become the UK's biggest and best directory for everything to do with kids. Ensure that your attraction, activity or event stands out in this highly competitive market with a banner advertisement.

Banner advertising is now available on wizziwiz but we only have a limited number of positions to ensure that all banners are dominant on their chosen page.

The beauty of internet banner advertising is that the cost is not based on time (ie 1 month or 1 year) but on the number of page impressions (page impression= a user viewing page content including your banner). This way you can be sure you are just paying for those people seeing your advertisement - cost effective advertising at it's very best!

For the next 6 months we are offering an extra special rate for banner ads of 35.00/1000 page impressions. This can be purchased in blocks as follows:

5,000 page impressions 175.00
10,000 page impressions 350.00
25,000 page impressions 875.00
50,000 page impressions 1500.00

Banner Specifications

  • Pixel size = 468 x 60
  • Static banner = 8k(max)
  • Animated banner = 20k(max)

  • Pixel size = 325 x 40
  • Static banner = 5k(max)
  • Animated banner = 12k(max)

  • Pixel size = 150 x 50
  • Static banner = 3k(max)
  • Animated banner = 8k(max)

All banners must be supplied in GIF or JPEG formats.